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Count of action log items by type of care for a specific time period


What report can I use to run a count of action log items by type of care during a specific time period and have it display all together in one chart?

Rowena Quinto
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Rowena Quinto
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There are two options that may meet your needs and there are positives and negatives to both.

The first is an Action Log Report.

Go to Reports – Provider. The Last report on that page is the Action Log Report.

Enter the date range that you would like to examine in the Begin Date and End Date fields.

I suggest switching the Report Format to Detail.

Click Run with Query.

On the Provider Custom Search – Fields Select screen select Type of Care.

Scroll to the bottom to click next.

Build a query similar to this: Type Of Care Equal To "Child Care Center" (or some other Type of Care, depending on your needs).

Click Add Query and Continue.

This report will list the Providers in order by ID and give you the Provider ID, the Action Date, the User ID, the Action Name, and Comments. The issue with this report is that you would have to run one for each type of care.

The second option is to run a Custom Search/Custom Report.

To do this go to Custom Search – Provider.

On the Provider Custom Search – Fields Select screen select Action Date.

Scroll to the bottom to click next.

Build a query similar to this: Action Date Greater or Equal "7/1/2012" AND Action Date Less or Equal "7/31/2012" (fill in date range as appropriate).

Click Custom Report.

On the Provider Custom Report Field Select screen select the fields that you would like on the report. Some examples will be Provider ID, Business Name, First Name, Last Name, Action List, and Action Date. Once you have selected all of the fields you would like to appear on your report scroll to the bottom and click Next.

Set the column order for the fields as you would like to see the on the page from left to right. Set the Sort order if you would like to sort your results in a specific order (for example, by Provider ID).

Click on Run Custom Report.

The only issue with this report is, while the providers in the list are limited to those who had an Action within a set time frame the report will show a complete record, which means it will show ALL of the actions linked to that provider no matter when the Action was added.

Charlotte Pelz
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Charlotte Pelz