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Good evening. We recently began using ORM. We love it. Much more user-friendly so thank you. I did have a question however. We have been going into these records to add in our region field and in doing so I noticed that ORM does not automatically put in the latitude and longitude for these ORM Clients. When I tried to do it myself, the system would not accept it. Can you tell me why this is please? I know that ORM creates a map for clients to view locations of programs so I am unclear on why it is not putting these coordinates in or if, perhaps it's going into a different section of NACCRRA that I am not seeing. In the past, we've been told that having this filled out was important, thus why I am checking. Thank you.

Tracy Pond
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Tracy Pond
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Hello and thank you for your questions and feedback regarding ORM! At this time the parent's address is saved to the corresponding client record in NACCRRAware but the geocoding is not (the latitude and longitude values). This is something on our list especially now that the parent sees their own location marked on the map - that may make them more willing to provide their actual address.

You are able to manually geocode the address, however the geocoding requires several fields and one often overlooked is the Country code (US, CA, etc.). The agency user can select the appropriate country code or the country field can be added to the Client Data Collect field in the ORM profile. The other required fields to geocode an address in NACCRRAware are Street Address, City, State and Zip.

This step should allow you to geocode the address. Thanks again for asking!

P.S. You also mention that you've been told having this filled out is important. The reason for that is when geocoding, the FIPs code is assigned to the address as well. FIPs is a national data field and denotes the state and legislative district. You don't see it on the data entry screen but can add it to custom reports if you ever need to report it. This works for all addresses - client, provider and community.

Ruth Bowell, NDS Help Desk
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Ruth Bowell, NDS Help Desk