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What are the new features in NACCRRAware Version 4.8?


What are the new features in NACCRARware Version 4.8?

Ruth Bowell, NDS Help Desk
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Ruth Bowell, NDS Help Desk
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NACCRRAware Version 4.8 features several new and enhanced provider, community and client fields. In addition to new fields, a client Community Referrals feature, a child Age Group utility and client referral Service Request Tracking have been added.

Client Community Referrals Quick Search
A new client Community Referrals page has been added to the client records. Agency users can search for community referrals based on several standard quick search criteria: geocoded addresses (Location, Mailing, Address 3 and/or Address 4), City, Zip, County, Languages, and General Local Six. “No Previous Referrals” is also an option for community searches. Community referrals can be saved to the client’s record, and profile or summary reports printed or emailed.

Child Age Groups
NACCRRAware administrators can configure up to 8 child age groups that will assist with reporting of child data. Currently, Age Care Needed is reported in seven pre-defined groups: Under One, One, Two, Three to Four, Five, Six to Eight, and None and over. Administrators can configure the new age group field to match the age groups used in the state, such as Infant, Toddler, Preschool, and School Age and set age parameters for each group. When the child’s birthdate and date care needed is entered in the child record, the Age Care Needed field is calculated and the appropriate age group automatically selected based on age care needed. These age groups can be used in custom search queries and custom and standard reports.

Service Request Tracking
Service Request Tracking can be turned on to allow agencies to capture the search criteria being used by referral counselors each time the "Find Providers" or "Find Communities" buttons are clicked. Administrators will need to select Automatic Tracking (the referral counselor does not need to do anything) or Manual Tracking (the referral counselor will need to select the option to track each time) and up to five (5) fields to track when turning on this feature. In addition, administrators can choose to allow referral counselors to override the tracking if set to automatic on a case-by-case basis. Overriding may be desired for referral searches that require multiple searches before making referrals (such as special needs or non-traditional hour searches).

Contact the NDS Help Desk for more information and a link to a demo featuring these changes.

Ruth Bowell, NDS Help Desk
· 1950
Ruth Bowell, NDS Help Desk