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missing values from Custom Search fields

  1. When building a custom search there is no value for Specialist Time to select. Travel, follow up and prep time are there however.

There are several text boxes in TA Episodes, depending on the type, for instance Planning only has description and Agency Notes; On and Off-site have TA Summary, Agency Notes and then on the meeting/session page has Notes; Phone & Email have Description, Observation & Agency Notes. However, the only only values I can find on the Custom Search values is TA Episode, Episode Notes (unsure which notes this means), and Episode Time Notes (this text box I have never seen in any episode.)

  1. Since Agency Notes is a consistent text box in all the episode types we have asked agencies to enter data in this field. However, I am unsure if TA Notes is the same as Agency Notes. Until I know this I can't move forward.
Donna Foley
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Donna Foley
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not helpful

Sometimes the Custom Search options for TA may be confusing because the field checkbox options in the the query builder are sometimes called different than the field names in TTAM.

For the ‘Specialist Time’ field, in the Custom Search options, you will find this field entitled “TA Episode Time Duration”.

Here are other ‘custom search’ checkbox options for the ‘note’ fields equate to in the TA Episode data pages:

“TA Episode Time Notes” = The “Notes” field that is available for Onsite Episodes in the “Meetings/Sessions” area. “TA Episode Description” = The “TA Summary” field that is available for Onsite/Offsite Episodes, and the “Description” field for Phone/Email/etc. type Episodes. This field is just called different for the different types of Episodes. “TA Episode Notes” = The “Agency Notes” field.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any other questions or we have not provided answers to all your questions.

Thank you,


Kim Hodge NDS Help Desk

Kim Hodge
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Kim Hodge