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Mask Search in Action List


When running the Client Action Log report, are Mask Searches equivalent to referrals? So the number of Mask Searches would be the number of online referrals made?

Rowena Quinto
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Rowena Quinto
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The action "Mask Search" in the client action log indicates the number of times the client clicked the "Search" button in your online profile (either the IMM profile or the new ORM profile). This may not necessarily indicate the number of online referrals made since a client may click Search multiple times. Additionally, the action "Mask Login" indicates when a client entered his/her user name and password and clicked "Login" so again, may not indicate a referral.

There are a couple of reports that may help determine numbers of referrals through the Internet Mask Module profile searches (we are working to update these reports so they can also be used with ORM clients). The first is the Basic IMM Report. This report allows the user to enter a date range. The report will list those clients that created a NEW account during that time period. It will exclude existing clients that returned for more referrals. This is a report to use when you need an "unduplicated" count.

The other report to use is the Client Referrals report. Again, users can enter a date range and there's another parameter that limits the referrals to just those given online (Include Only Mask Clients). If the user selects "Summary" as the report Level, the report will list all clients that have at least one referral given by the IMM profile during the time period specified. This report may or may not include duplicate counts and here's further explanation on that. If a client logs in and searches on day 1, then logs in and searches again on day 16 of a month (and the month was used as the date range for the reports), the client is reported one time with the total number of referrals given both days. If the client logs in on day 21 of the previous month, and again on day 1 of the month being reported, only the referrals given during the reporting period are shown. If the user is running multiple reports, one for each month, the client will be reported twice since referrals were given during 2 different time periods (once on each report). This is where duplication can occur.

If you just need to know how many clients clicked "Mask Search" during a specific time period, or you are using the new ORM profile, this is best done using a client Custom Search. Build a query that looks like this one:

Action Date Greater or Equal "7/1/2012" AND Action Date Less or Equal "9/30/2012" AND Action List Equal To "Mask Search"

This will report the clients that searched during that quarter, regardless of how many times they searched.

With any of these options it's important to check that your IMM or ORM client records in NACCRRAware are all marked as "Active" status. A profile setting may be adding them with a "Pending" status in which case they will need to be changed before you run any reports or custom search queries.

Ruth Bowell, NDS Help Desk
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Ruth Bowell, NDS Help Desk