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ORM Set-up


There are a few items noticed in the ORM:

  • We found that when there was an error message (either a required field wasn't filled out or incorrect information was inputted) there were some fields that were subsequently left blank when user returned to the page to fill-out appropriate information. We weren't able to replicate this in the same session.
  • The width of the boxes for the Child Birthdate cut off the text for birth dates that use all 8 characters (MM/DD/YYYY): Text box example This happened in my FireFox browser but not in Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  • When moving from page to page there were a couple of times when the information that was entered in did not transfer to the next page (i.e., from the My Information page to the search page). We were not able to replicate this all the time.
  • The “Ages of Children” field for ORM is limited to 4 children, despite the number of children in the family. Can you increase the # of boxes to accommodate 5 or 6 children. If only 4 are allowed, include an option to show the 4 youngest and display them in age order based on date of birth.
Text Box example.pdf ]
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Rowena Q
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