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What would be an alternate way to conduct quick search in a non-IE browser?


Dear NDS Users,

When using the NACCRRAware Quick Search functionality on a non-IE browser, the client Quick Search might not produce correct results –all providers will match when searching, or all will fail. You can use a Custom Search approach when conducting a Quick Search process. Referrals can be generated following these steps:

Select at least one child and at least one standard search field, such as City or Zip. Click the “Custom Search” button. Select the fields you would normally use in the Quick Search process. This may include type of care, city or zip, minimum and/or maximum age range, start time, end time, and days of care. Build a custom search query to mimic the Quick Search.

For example, to search for family child care providers that can accommodate a 6 week old child from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM in the city of Arlington, the query will look something like this:

Type of Care Equal To “Family Child Care” AND Provider Address Typ Equal To “Arlington” AND Minimum Age Range Less or Equal “yrs mos 6wks” AND Start Time Less or Equal “7:30 AM” AND End Time Greater or Equal “5:30 PM”

Only providers with a referral status of “Give Referrals” will match, and the one field selected as the standard search field will still need to be included in the custom search. Referral specialists may still need to view each provider for additional criteria that meet a family’s needs.

Our online search tools (ORM and IMM) are cross-browser compatible meaning they are tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The Quick Search issue does NOT affect online searches. Clients searching online with a non-IE browser are able to get referrals regardless of the browser they choose to use.

Cathy Wague
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Cathy Wague
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