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Using NDS to complete the 2018 CCAoA Annual Research Survey


Section 1: Introduction

This one is easy! No need to use NDS to answer these.

Section 2: Child Care Capacity in 2017

Most questions in the section can be answered using two of the provider reports:

  • Provider List (for questions involving the number of PROGRAMS)
  • Total Vacancy and Capacity Analysis (for questions involving program CAPACITY)

The Provider List report will help you answer the following questions:

  • 8 (pt 1),
  • 9 (pt 1),
  • 12 (pts a1, b1, c1, d1),
  • 14 (pts a1, b1, c1, d1),
  • 15 (pts 1, 3),
  • 17 (pt 1)
  • 19 (pts 1, 3)

The Total Vacancy and Capacity Analysis report will help you answer the following questions:

  • 8 (pt 2),
  • 9 (pt 2),
  • 12 (pts a2, b2, c2, d2),
  • 14 (pts a2, b2, c2, d2),
  • 15 (pts 2, 4),
  • 17 (pt 2)
  • 18
  • 19 (pts 2, 4)

The primary filters that you will want to use for these reports are (depending on the specific question):

  • "type of care"
  • "age group"
  • "regulation status"
  • "accreditation"

Please note: some results will vary based on your specific configuration.

Section 3: QRIS in Your State

As it varies dramatically state to state, there are no standard reports for QRIS. Depending on your configuration, you may be able to use the Custom Search feature to find data for questions 28-31

Section 4: Requests for Referrals in 2017

The Requests for Referrals report (under Reports -> Clients) can be used to gather data for questions in this section:

Please note that this is a large report and may take up to 30 minutes to complete.

This report will generate Requests for Referral in a number of different ways:

  • All referrals and online referrals (question 34)
  • Referrals by setting (question 35)
  • Referrals by age group (question 36)
  • Referrals by number of hours of child care requested (question 38)
  • Requests for nontraditional hours (question 41)
  • Requests for special needs care (question 42)

Question 34, parts c & d can be answered using the Action Log report (under Reports -> Clients) if you are tracking those activities in that way.

Question 46 can be answered in part by using a Custom Search, filtering by “Regulation Status”

Question 48 can be answered by running a custom report and including "Language" as a field.

Section 5: Training and On-Site Technical Assistance by CCR&Rs

If you use the Training Tracking and Technical Assistance Agency Site (NDS Apps -> TTAM), you may be able to get some information for this section via custom searches. In most cases, this data will only be a starting point; you will likely have to do additional manipulation of the data after obtaining it.


For Question 52 (pt a), gather data from running a Training Session Query (TT Custom Search)

For Question 52 (pts b & c), gather data from running a Training Registration Query (TT Custom Search)


For Questions 55 and 56, gather data by running a TA Recipient Query (TA Custom Search) .


Further manipulation with Excel will be required. For Question 55 (pt a), you'll also need to run a subquery on TA Episode Type.


Section 6: Health, Safety and Family Engagement

Custom searches (Custom Search -> Provider) can be used to gather data for two of the questions in Section 6.

Question 61 can be answered in part by using a Custom Search, filtering by “Meals”

Question 62 can be answered in part by using a Custom Search, filtering by “Special Needs”

Section 7: Emergency Preparedness

None of the questions in this section can be answered using NDS.

Section 8: Cost of Child Care

The Cost Analysis by Age Group report (Reports -> Provider) is most helpful at answering questions in this section.
This report can be used to get data for the following questions:
  • 71-74
  • 76-79
  • 81-84
  • 86-87
  • 89-93

Depending on the specific question, you'll want to query on "Type of Care", "Shifts", and "Accreditation".

Section 9: Data Details

None of the questions in this section can be answered using NDS.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 3:26:27 PM