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How do I add my agency logo to my ORM profile?


All modules in the NDS Suite of Services, including ORM, are hosted on a secure server (https://). This provides a secure connection for parents as they submit sensitive family information via the ORM profile to the NACCRRAware database. It's best to have all images used in the ORM profile uploaded to the NDS server so they are hosted on the secure server as well. This prevents a warning that may come up for parents if the image file is hosted on another website that is not secure.

After uploading the desired image file, it can be positioned anywhere in the ORM profile. Most agencies position their agency logo at the top of every ORM profile page, from the Login screen to the Saved Providers page. This is best handled using the Universal Header. To add the agency logo to the Universal Header, follow these steps.

Upload the logo file using the upload utility on the ORM profile "Logos & Images" page. Accepted image file types include JPEG (.jpg) and GIF (.gif).

After uploading the image file, ORM provides an image URL. For this example, my image URL is /naccrra/DEMO2/ORM/GB24X0NDO0741P4/images/cca-america-logo-rgb-160x160.jpg. Copy the full image URL.

Navigate to the ORM profile's "Univ. Header & Footer" page. Add the following HTML tag where the agency logo image is desired:

<img src="/naccrra/DEMO2/ORM/GB24X0NDO0741P4/images/cca-america-logo-rgb-160x160.jpg" alt="Child Care Aware of America" width="160px" height="160px" />

Edit the elements inside the quotation marks (double quotes) to match your image file. Replace src="" with the image URL, alt="' with a text description of the image, width="" with the width of the image and height="" with the height of the image. The quotation marks should remain in the tag and the tag should begin with a less than sign ("<") and end with a slash preceeded by a space and followed by the greater than sign (" />").

The same image tag can be used wherever an image is desired on the page. If an image is desired on a specific page only (for example the disclaimer page), the ORM profile "Pg. Headers & Footers" pages are also available.

Monday, May 05, 2014, 2:56:56 PM