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How do I switch from IMM to ORM?


Best Practice Considerations for Implementing an Online Referral Module (ORM) Profile

  • Request ORM Administrator access.
    • Complete NACCRRAware License Addendum, if not already on file.
    • Complete NDS Application Request form naming ORM Administrator.
    • Submit forms to NDS Help Desk who will set up ORM Administrator access.
  • If in place, review current process for online referral process and parent follow up responses.
    • What works?
    • What feedback have you received from parents (positive and negative)?
    • Are there additional desired implementations beyond public access (internal staff needs, community partners)?
  • Review provider data in NACCRRAware for completeness and accuracy
    • Run report of active providers marked "Give Web Referrals". These are the ones that will be provided during searches.
    • Review provider records marked Inactive, Pending or No Web Referrals. These are the ones that will NOT be provided during searches.
    • Ensure provider addresses are geocoded.
    • Provide avenue for providers to opt out of online referral searches.
  • Staff working directly on the implementation of ORM should attend ORM training.
  • Design ORM profile pages on paper.
  • Choose fields for the following pages:
    • Client Data Collection (if requiring parents to login)
    • Search
    • Provider Results

The NDS Help Desk can provide an Excel template to assist with this step.

  • Develop policies around online referrals and parent-friendly language to use on profile.
    • Terms of use
    • Disclaimer
    • Client data collection, storage, confidentiality, sharing
    • Provider inclusion/exclusion
    • Privacy policy statement
  • Setup ORM Profile.
  • Based on fields needed, develop tool tips for necessary fields.
  • Add profile “look & feel” elements (web developer)
  • Conduct internal testing of profile. Test all buttons, links and features found on the various screens.
  • Conduct limited external testing of profile. Consider a pilot/beta testing group of parents.
  • Based on testing feedback, tweak profile setup and help screen/tool tips.
  • Conduct training for staff working directly with parents and providers.
  • Embed ORM profile URL in website, replacing IMM profile URL if using IMM (web developer).
  • Transition IMM to ORM, if using IMM.
    • Using ORM utility, migrate existing IMM clients to the new ORM profile.
    • Expire IMM profile.
  • Press Release/marketing
  • Monitor, review and tweak profile usage, weekly during first quarter of use then every 6 months at a minimum.
  • Add Child Care Online profiles and/or Quality Indicator profiles to provide additional information to parents searching online.
  • Use the Online Provider Service module to empower child care providers to keep their data up-to-date and relevant to parents searching online.
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