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How do I calculate the 75th percentile for rates stored in NACCRRAware?


A provider standard report is built into NACCRRAware to calculate the minimum, maximum and average provider rates but there may be times when a percentile is needed instead. Excel has a built in percentile function that can be used for that but it requires exporting the provider rates from NACCRRAware.

Go to Custom Search > Provider. If you need to filter your provider database with a query (Type of Care, County, Zip Code, etc.), choose the fields for the query and click Next. If you want to include all active providers in the exported data, don’t choose any fields; just scroll to the bottom and click Next.

On the Query Builder screen, build your query, if using, then click Custom Report. If you want all providers in the exported data, just click Custom Report without building a query.

Choose Provider ID, Shift Name, Rate Age Group, and all rate units that you need for the market rate survey (you can choose any other fields you want/need for this such as Type of Care, County, etc.). Click Next.

Arrange the fields in the order which you would like (Provider ID in Column 1, Shift Name in Column 2, Rate Age Group in Column 3, etc.). Be sure each field is in a different column number. Choose Sort options, if desired (for example, sort by Provider ID by changing None to 1 in the Sort Order column). Sorting can also be done in Excel.

You may want to save this report design by entering a name for the report and clicking Save Report (maybe call it Market Rate Survey).

Click Run Custom Report. The results will open in a separate screen – minimize or close this screen.

Click Create Multiple Files. Several file names will be created with links to download each file. Right click on each file and choose “Save Target as…”. Save the files to your computer (maybe to the Desktop).

Minimize or logout and close NACCRRAware.

Open Excel.

Open the file that was downloaded and saved to your computer called userID-RTS.txt.

The “Text Import Wizard” will open. Select Delimited and click Finish.

In the menu, go to Data and choose Sort. Sort by “Rate Age Group” in ascending order with a Header Row. This will arrange the rates in order by age group. The age group codes are:

102: Infant 1 Age Group

103: Infant 2 Age Group

104: Toddler 1 Age Group

105: Toddler 2 Age Group

106: Preschool 1 Age Group

107: Preschool 2 Age Group

108: School Age 1 Age Group

109: School Age 2 Age Group

It is easiest to calculate the 75th percentile by inserting a blank row after each age group to separate them into groups.

Click in the cell directly under the first rate unit (C2, Full Time Weekly, in the example). Go to Insert in the menu and choose Function. You may need to first “Search for a function” if Percentile is not on your list of Most Recently Used. If so, enter “percentile” in the search box and click Go. Under Select a Function, highlight Percentile and click OK.

This opens a “Function Arguments” dialogue box.

In the Array field, you will need to enter the first cell that contains the rate unit data (C2 in the example) followed by a colon. Then enter the last cell that contains the rate unit data for the age group (C20 in the example). Your Array should look like C2:C20.

In the K field, enter .75 for 75th percentile.

Click OK. This will calculate the 75th percentile for you and enter the number in the cell. Repeat this process for the other rate units and each age group.

Friday, March 08, 2013, 3:23:18 PM