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What are the main differences between the Internet Mask Module and the Online Referral Module?


In September, 2011 NACCRRA released the newest application in their Suite of Data Services, the Online
Referral Module (ORM). ORM serves as a replacement for the NACCRRAware Internet Mask Module
(IMM) and provides an enhanced parent platform for online referrals. NACCRRA enlisted members of
several CCR&Rs from across the US to help define the requirements for ORM during a 12 month focus
group period. This was followed by a 3 month pilot with CCR&R agencies representing a variety of
demographics who also piloted the application with parents in their communities.
As a result of the feedback received from the focus and pilot members, several new features have been
incorporated into ORM, including the following:

  • Radial searches based on latitude/longitude or zip code: parents are able to enter an address to
    search near, or search from the center of any zip code. The search generates a map showing
    those providers matching their criteria in that area. Parents can zoom in on the map to see cross
    streets, landmarks, and other features to accurately pinpoint the provider’s location. CCR&Rs
    are still able to mask the locations of family child care homes, if they desire.
  • Providers displayed in the online referral listing can be selected and saved to a list available to
    the client for easy reference. This allows the parents to do comparisons of those providers that
    best fit their needs.
  • CCR&Rs have more control over the information shared with parents. On screen tool tips can be
    added to define fields and provide additional guidance to parents, and individual field values can
    be hidden from a parent’s view. CCR&Rs can also create a profile in Spanish by translating their
    NACCRRAware fields and the ORM forms used during searches. Additional language options will
    be added in a future version.
  • An enhanced security options including a user name field and a security question that must be
    answered when retrieving a lost password.

ORM also has several enhancements for CCR&R agency users.

  • Child data is handled differently so that child records are no longer duplicated, skewing agency
  • A built in utility allows CCR&Rs to migrate existing IMM client records to their new ORM profile
    so that duplicate records are not created in the database.
  • Being a standalone application, an ORM administrative user account can be created with access
    only to ORM preventing unauthorized access to the client and provider data stored in the
    NACCRRAware application.

While CCR&Rs can continue using their IMM profiles, NACCRRA will eventually be phasing out IMM and
replacing it with ORM. As an application in the NDS Suite, the cost for ORM is included in the annual
license fee and there is nothing additional to pay to access it. To discover how your agency can begin
using ORM for online referrals, contact the NDS Help Desk at ndshelpdesk@usa.childcareaware.org or toll free 866‐

Friday, October 19, 2012, 2:56:05 PM