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Welcome to our support portal. Below are different areas of content around our product and services.


Additionally, you may contact the NDS Help Desk toll free at (866) 789-7590 or via e-mail at: NDSHelpDesk@usa.childcareaware.org. The Help Desk is available from 10 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.


If you are looking for program details around NDS, they can be found here: http://usa.childcareaware.org/programs-services/naccrra-data-services.


Visit our NDS blog here: http://nds.naccrra.org/blogs


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What training options are available for the NDS Suite?


Regular "virtual" training sessions are scheduled each month for the various applications in the NDS Suite. The complete schedule including training synopsis, schedule and pricing can be provided by the Help Desk.  You can also review upcoming trainings at https://student.gototraining.com/9z293/catalog/2225411880388358912

Custom virtual trainings can also be scheduled. Contact the Help Desk for more information and pricing.

In addition, the Help Desk staff is available to provide on-site training for state networks and/or individual agencies. Please contact the Help Desk for additional information.

Lunch and Learn

These 30 minute sessions are designed to showcase how your colleagues are using NACCRRA Data Services (NDS) as well as a forum to know more about current and future NDS development plans. Please grab your lunch and join us for one of the upcoming NDS Lunch & Learns to find out how your agency can optimize your use of NACCRRA’s Suite of Data Services (participation certificates are not offered for attending a Lunch & Learn session).


Recorded Lunch & Learn Sessions:

You are able to view the recordings of previous Lunch & Learn sessions. Email the Help Desk to request links to the recordings.

Using NDS to Complete a Statewide Provider Market Rate Survey

During this Lunch & Learn webinar, hear how Online Provider Services was used to facilitate the update of provider rate data in NACCRRAware in order to calculate the state's market rate. Stephen Wood, Research Analyst for Child Care Aware of America will present how this was done along with the successes and challenges of the project.

Online Referral Module - New Orleans Implementation 

The Internet Mask Module will be phased out so now is the time to plan your switch to the new Online Referral Module (ORM). Learn more about the new features in ORM and how Agenda for Children in New Orleans is providing online referrals with this application.

NDS Long Term Direction

Get a sense of what is new in NDS and what is coming down the road in NDS. In this Lunch and Learn we discuss the current development plans for NDS and the long term direction of NDS to improve all of the NDS applications.

NDS Communications Including the NDS Support Portal

J Albright, Chief of Information Technology and the NACCRRA Data Services Help Desk staff share the new NACCRRA Data Services Support Portal.  The portal is designed as a way for Child Care Aware of America to communicate with NDS users and is a one-stop-shop for resources, webinars, forms, training information, and more!

Kids Matter App - Oklahoma Implementation

Would you like to be able to provide referrals and consumer materials to parents through their iPhone?  The Oklahoma Child Care Resource & Referral Association, The Child Care Council of Kentucky, and Trifecta showcase the new Kids Matter App.

Online Provider Services Implementation: Child Care Aware of Kansas Model - Does maintaining your provider database require more resources and staff time than you would like to give?  If so, Child Care Aware of Kansas shares how they have implemented Online Provider Services, an application in NACCRRA’s Suite of Data Services that allows providers to update their NACCRRAware data online as well as allows CCR&R agencies to communicate with providers online.


Email: ndshelpdesk@usa.childcareaware.org

Toll free phone call: 1-866-789-7590

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