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What are the steps to migrating NACCRRAware from a local server to the Hosted Solution?


Steps to migrate from local server to hosted solution:

Submit the Advanced Support Request form.

Agency provides a backup copy of their locally installed NACCRRAware database (Child Care Aware of America will set up an FTP account to which the file can be transferred).

Agency will need to provide the currently installed version on their local NACCRRAware database server.

Child Care Aware of America will upgrade the database and install it on a test server.

Agency will need to test the upgrade and provide feedback for any issues found with the upgraded data.

Child Care Aware of America will modify its upgrade scripts, if necessary, and provide a second test migration.

Agency will need to test the upgrade and provide the necessary feedback.

Child Care Aware of America will provide a date for the final upgrade and migration to the live production server (the Hosted Solution).

At the close of business one day prior to the final migration, the agency will need to upload a fresh backup file from their local server. If using the Internet Mask Module (IMM) for online referrals, the IMM profile will need to be expired so that no new client records are added to the local server database.

Child Care Aware of America will upgrade the latest backup file and migrate the data to the Hosted Solution.

Agency will test the migrated data and sign off on the migration before using the database. If using IMM, agency will need to change the URL on their website and reactivate the IMM profile.

The Child Care Aware of America team prefers to run the final live migration to the Hosted Solution over a weekend. Depending on the size of the agency's database, the upgrade and migration can take 4-6 hours to complete. To minimize the agency's down time, Child Care Aware of America suggests that agencies have someone available that weekend to test the database.

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