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Index NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 4: Spring 2014
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 1      NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 1: Spring 2013
 1.1        NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 2: Summer 2013
 1.2        NDS Quarterly Newsletter: Volume 3 Fall 2013
 2      NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 4: Spring 2014
 3      KIDS MATTER App- Data Export Instructions
 4      Quality Indicators-Description and Access
 5      Child Care Online Webinar-Indiana's Child Care Programs
 6      Best Practices for Configuring Online Provider Services
 7      Quick Search Tips
 8      Best Practices for Configuring the Online Referral Module (ORM)
 9      Using NACCRRAware Standard Reports for Data Checking
 10       Database Merge
 11       Database Maintenance - Purging Old Records
 12       Quality Indicators Focus Group Expectations
 13       OPS Help Screens
 13.1         OPS Announcements
 13.1.1           OPS Announcement Overview
 13.1.2           Create a New OPS Announcement
 13.2         OPS Agency Attachments
 13.2.1           OPS Agency Attachment Overview
 13.2.2           Create a New OPS Agency Attachment
 13.3         OPS Field Configuration
 13.3.1           OPS Field Configuration Overview
 13.3.2           OPS Field Configuration - General Fields
 13.3.3           OPS Field Configuration - Provider Fields
 13.4         OPS Profile Configuration
 13.4.1           OPS Profile Configuration Overview
 13.4.2           OPS Profile Configuration - Profile Settings
 13.4.3           OPS Profile Configuration - Page Configuration
 13.4.4           OPS Profile Configuration - Section Settings
 13.4.5           OPS Profile Configuration - Profile Header and Footer
 13.4.6           OPS Profile Configuration - Previewing Your Profile(s)
 13.5         OPS Provider Profile Management
 13.5.1           OPS Provider Profile Management Overview
 13.5.2           OPS Provider Profile Management - Creating OPS Access for a Provider
 13.5.3           OPS Provider Profile Management - Viewing an Existing OPS Provider Record
 13.5.4           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Summary Screen
 13.5.5           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Attachments
 13.5.6           OPS Provider Profile Management - Questions and Answers
 13.5.7           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Update Log
 13.6         OPS Provider Change Review and Approval
 13.6.1           OPS Provider Change Review and Approval - Overview
 13.6.2           OPS Provider Change Review and Approval - Viewing and Managing Provider Changes
 14       Quality Indicators Overview
 15       OPS Profile Tool Tip and Profile Worksheet
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NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 4: Spring 2014


NDS Quarterly Newsletter, Volume 4: Spring 2014


NDS Annual Billing Update Webinar

Join us for a Webinar on April 29

As we are getting close to the new program year starting July 1, 2014, we wanted to provide an outline of the billing process and to alert you of an anticipated pricing change. Please join us for this half hour webinar where the billing process is discussed followed by the opportunity to have your questions answered.

Date:     Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Time:    12:00 PM - 12:30 PM EDT

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/698841706

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

NDS Online Conference

The first NDS Online Conference in March 2014 was a success! Over 70 participants from across the country attended three different data related sessions:

Helping Parents Identify Quality Care: Online Referral Module (ORM) and Quality Indicators (QI)

How do parents who want the best care for their children meet providers with a quality state of mind? It takes a variety of approaches and tools. The NDS team at Child Care Aware of America© has made tremendous strides in that direction. Learn how these fresh, out-of-the-cloud enhancements empower parents make informed decisions about their child’s care.

Participating in a Data Community

The public policy is moving towards building strong relationships around shared, reliable data to support early learning. In this session, engage in outlining critical steps and effective practices around a community of shared data and services.

OPS: Engaging Providers to Increase Utilization

This session focused on leveraging a powerful provider centric module such as Online Provider Services (OPS) to engage and energize providers. Showcase your agency as a valuable resource within the early learning community.

If you missed the opportunity to attend in person, you can still take advantage of the recorded versions. Contact the NDS Help Desk for more information.

Look for another online conference this summer!

Internet Mask Module (IMM) Phase Out!

The Online Referral Module (ORM) was released in September 2011 and the IMM Phase Out plan has been discussed in various venues since then. On July 1, 2014 all IMM profile links will expire. The NDS development team has implemented a few major enhancements, please see "What’s New In NDS:  Enhancements and Bug Fixes" below.  We are looking forward to coaching and mentoring those agencies that have not transitioned from IMM to ORM.

Are you still providing online referrals via the IMM?

  • Find out more in the NDS Support Portal FAQ section.
  • Your agency should have received a certified letter notice sent via US mail in early April. Contact the NDS Help Desk if you feel this letter was received in error.

Register for the next ORM training. Click Here for more information.

How do I switch from IMM to ORM?

Best Practice Considerations for Implementing an Online Referral Module (ORM) Profile

  • Request ORM Administrator access.
    • Complete NACCRRAware License Addendum, if not already on file.
    • Complete NDS Application Request form naming ORM Administrator.
    • Submit forms to NDS Help Desk who will set up ORM Administrator access.
  • If in place, review current process for online referral process and parent follow up responses.
    • What works?
    • What feedback have you received from parents (positive and negative)?
    • Are there additional desired implementations beyond public access (internal staff needs, community partners)?
  • Review provider data in NACCRRAware for completeness and accuracy
    • Run report of active providers marked "Give Web Referrals". These are the ones that will be provided during searches.
    • Review provider records marked Inactive, Pending or No Web Referrals. These are the ones that will NOT be provided during searches.
    • Ensure provider addresses are geocoded.
    • Provide avenue for providers to opt out of online referral searches.
  • Staff working directly on the implementation of ORM should attend ORM training.
  • Design ORM profile pages on paper.
  • Choose fields for the following pages (the NDS Help Desk can provide an Excel template to assist with this step):
    • Client Data Collection (if requiring parents to login)
    • Search
    • Provider Results
  • Develop policies around online referrals and parent-friendly language to use on profile.
    • Terms of use
    • Disclaimer
    • Client data collection, storage, confidentiality, sharing
    • Provider inclusion/exclusion
    • Privacy policy statement
  • Setup ORM Profile.
  • Based on fields needed, develop tool tips for necessary fields.
  • Add profile "look & feel" elements (web developer)
  • Conduct internal testing of profile. Test all buttons, links and features found on the various screens.
  • Conduct limited external testing of profile. Consider a pilot/beta testing group of parents.
  • Based on testing feedback, tweak profile setup and help screen/tool tips.
  • Conduct training for staff working directly with parents and providers.
  • Embed ORM profile URL in website, replacing IMM profile URL if using IMM (web developer).
  • Transition IMM to ORM, if using IMM.
    • Using ORM utility, migrate existing IMM clients to the new ORM profile.
    • Expire IMM profile.
  • Press Release/marketing
  • Monitor, review and tweak profile usage, weekly during first quarter of use then every 6 months at a minimum.
  • Add Child Care Online profiles and/or Quality Indicator profiles to provide additional information to parents searching online.
  • Use the Online Provider Service module to empower child care providers to keep their data up-to-date and relevant to parents searching online.

What is the Quality Indicators Module?

Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. Because licensing and regulations vary widely, parents need more information to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, in most areas, there is not a "consumer report" on the best care available. Child Care Aware® of America developed the Quality Indicators application (QI) to help parents understand quality child care while conducting child care searches online or with a trained child care referral specialist.

The NDS Quality Indicators application allows agencies to customize provider quality profiles to reflect the unique components that define quality within their state or agency. Agency staff can create one or more profiles to reflect differences such as provider type (example, child care center or family child care home). Once a quality indicator profile is created, NACCRRAware users can associate the quality profile with a specific provider.

Trained referral counselors can further enhance services to parents by discussing quality indicators during phone or face to face conversations with parents.  Quality indicators can be used in addition to standard search criteria to locate providers that meet the parent’s child care needs. The child care Quick Search has been enhanced to allow parents to search for child care providers based on the customized quality indicator profiles.

Parents using the Online Referral Module may view the provider’s Quality Indicator profile to assist them make choices about quality child care. When searching for a child care program, each program with a QI Profile will be identified in the list of providers meeting the parent’s search criteria.

What’s New in NDS: Enhancements and Bug Fixes

The complete list of bug fixes and enhancements for each module can be found in the respective Release Notes. Contact the NDS Help Desk with any questions.


Version 4.9.4 Released February 1, 2014

Highlights of this version which contained a few bug fixes and enhancements:

  • The ORM password field can be updated by an agency user.
  • The Data Entry > Group Search "Number per page" count functionality was updated.
  • Phone number was added to the Group Owner information.

Quality Indicators (QI)

Version 1.5.1 Released February 8, 2014

This version includes several bug fixes, including:

  • A provider’s Quality Indicator Profile is included in the Print All Pages function on the provider General page.
  • A Quality Indicator Profile can be viewed through the Preview QI Profile link on the Provider Quality Indicator page.

Online Referral Module (ORM)

Version 3.2 Released March 29, 2014

This version includes the following bug fixes:

  • The Days & Hours field will only save the days in the NACCRRAware client record for which the client has entered a start and end time for the child.
  • Values for the client Race, Language and Spanish Descent fields are now available on the Client Data Collect form.

Version 3.2 Released January 25, 2014

This release includes a new profile security option, "Limited Access". This profile type allows agencies to provide a number of referrals to clients without requiring the client to create an account and login. Agencies are able to set the number of referrals, the number of searches, and/or the number of detailed provider views the client can see. Once the limit is reached, the client will need to create an account to continue.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Allowing client email address to be optional rather than required during registration.
  • Including a Print Referrals button on Basic Results and the Saved Provider screens that provides a printer friendly version of the results.
  • Enhanced stylesheet.

Training and Technical Assistance Management (TTAM)

Version 2.8.9 Released March 2, 2014

The following has been applied to the TTAM agency application:

  • Several fields in the Person Certificate Custom Search can be queried correctly including Recognized Hours, Certificate Title, Certificate Issue Date, Certificate State, Certificate Business Credits and Total Certificate Hours.

Version 2.8.3 Released December 21, 2013

The following has been applied to the TTAM agency application:

  • An enhancement to the completion date feature. The training session Completion Date will reflect the date the registration is changed to "Complete" for Self Study sessions. All other registrations will reflect the session date as the completion date.
  • Two Standard Custom Search queries have been added to the Registration Payments:
    • Training Registrations without Payment: This report provides a listing of training registrations that do not have any associated payment records.
    • Training Registration Payment Information: This report provides a listing of all training registration payment information for training sessions held on a given date with training name starting with the given string. Session date is required but training name can be left blank.
  • Custom Employer Type has been added to custom search query field selection screens where appropriate.

Did you know we excel in custom development?

The NDS team has supported agency and state administrators to bridge and address identified gaps in their data collection for many years through custom development.  We invite all agencies to take advantage of our expertise in customizing your data collection, sharing and reporting to meet state and federal requirements. In an era of increased partnerships, it is critical to position your agency on the two-way data sharing lane. We can help you. Please reach out to Cathy Wague, Deputy Chief of Information Technology and Data Innovation for a consultation, at 703-341-4113 or via email at cathy.wague@usa.childcareaware.org.

Behind the Scenes: Profile of a Developer


Vinay Chandu

It is my honor to re-introduce you to our talented and loyal Java developer, Vinay Kumar Chandu. I speak about the Help Desk a lot and those ladies deserve every bit of the praise they get. Behind the scenes are hardworking individuals hailing from all around the world. Vinay comes from Tenali in India, where he earned his Master’s degree in Computer Science and started his IT career with the giants of the field such as GE.

Vinay joined the organization in 2008. He has grown with us through many changes and initiatives. He helped design and develop the Child Care Online (CCO) module and has assisted in the development of all modules in the Suite of Data Services (NDS).  Vinay is also a family man with two beautiful girls, Ishita and Hasitha. We often try to gain each other’s sympathy by sharing our aches and pains of raising a family and always end in a fit of laughter about our children’s mischiefs.

Vinay likes to watch movies and play cricket.

Here is a quote from him: “Every day when I get to the office, I look at the managers’ faces. If I see smiles then there are no issues otherwise I know it is going to be busy day for me.”

~Cathy Wague, Vinay’s grateful smiley manager

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