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Index NDS Quarterly Newsletter: Volume 3 Fall 2013
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 1      NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 1: Spring 2013
 1.1        NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 2: Summer 2013
 1.2        NDS Quarterly Newsletter: Volume 3 Fall 2013
 2      NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 4: Spring 2014
 3      KIDS MATTER App- Data Export Instructions
 4      Quality Indicators-Description and Access
 5      Child Care Online Webinar-Indiana's Child Care Programs
 6      Best Practices for Configuring Online Provider Services
 7      Quick Search Tips
 8      Best Practices for Configuring the Online Referral Module (ORM)
 9      Using NACCRRAware Standard Reports for Data Checking
 10       Database Merge
 11       Database Maintenance - Purging Old Records
 12       Quality Indicators Focus Group Expectations
 13       OPS Help Screens
 13.1         OPS Announcements
 13.1.1           OPS Announcement Overview
 13.1.2           Create a New OPS Announcement
 13.2         OPS Agency Attachments
 13.2.1           OPS Agency Attachment Overview
 13.2.2           Create a New OPS Agency Attachment
 13.3         OPS Field Configuration
 13.3.1           OPS Field Configuration Overview
 13.3.2           OPS Field Configuration - General Fields
 13.3.3           OPS Field Configuration - Provider Fields
 13.4         OPS Profile Configuration
 13.4.1           OPS Profile Configuration Overview
 13.4.2           OPS Profile Configuration - Profile Settings
 13.4.3           OPS Profile Configuration - Page Configuration
 13.4.4           OPS Profile Configuration - Section Settings
 13.4.5           OPS Profile Configuration - Profile Header and Footer
 13.4.6           OPS Profile Configuration - Previewing Your Profile(s)
 13.5         OPS Provider Profile Management
 13.5.1           OPS Provider Profile Management Overview
 13.5.2           OPS Provider Profile Management - Creating OPS Access for a Provider
 13.5.3           OPS Provider Profile Management - Viewing an Existing OPS Provider Record
 13.5.4           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Summary Screen
 13.5.5           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Attachments
 13.5.6           OPS Provider Profile Management - Questions and Answers
 13.5.7           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Update Log
 13.6         OPS Provider Change Review and Approval
 13.6.1           OPS Provider Change Review and Approval - Overview
 13.6.2           OPS Provider Change Review and Approval - Viewing and Managing Provider Changes
 14       Quality Indicators Overview
 15       OPS Profile Tool Tip and Profile Worksheet
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NDS Quarterly Newsletter: Volume 3 Fall 2013


NACCRRA Data Services

Volume 3:  Fall 2013

Good Bye to IMM: Internet Mask Module (IMM) Phase Out!

The Online Referral Module (ORM) was released in September 2011 and the IMM Phase Out plan has been discussed in various venues since then. On July 1, 2014 all IMM profile links will expire. The NDS development team is anticipating a few major enhancements to ORM this winter. We are also looking forward to coaching and mentoring those agencies that have not transitioned from IMM to ORM.

Are you still providing online referrals via the IMM?

  • Find out more in the FAQ section.
  • Look for an email and letter notices being sent via US mail to agencies soon


Latest Release! NACCRRAware Version 4.9

September 28, 2013 release included:

  • Group feature
  • Configurable General field, up to 200 values.
  • Client Quick Search results enhancements
  • Saved provider field enhancements
  • Client referrals sorting on the Quality Rating field

Contact the NDS Help Desk for the links to the following recordings:

  • Group feature highlights in NACCRRAware version 4.9
  • Lunch & Learn showcasing Indiana’s implementation of the group feature


Coming Soon: Quality Indicators (QI) v1.5 & NACCRRAware v4.9.2!

» The next version of the Quality Indicators (QI) module, version 1.5, introducing:

  • Customizable profiles
  • Ability to attach resources to profiles

» NACCRRAware version 4.9.2 with several enhancements and bug fixes!


NDS Open Forum

Please join us as we continue the Open Forum format for the 2013-2014 program year. This is a one hour open session where any question about NACCRRA Data Services is entertained. Ask the NDS Team questions, but more importantly ask colleagues across the country how they are using NACCRRA Data Services. Bring your breakfast, lunch, or snack and bring your questions; the NDS team will facilitate a lively Q&A amongst our users. Register for this event online at



Did You Know?

User Access is valid until revoked!

√ Remove access for a user as soon as the person no longer needs it.

√ Review the list of active users at least once a quarter

 We request an agency update every 90 days √ Update your communication contacts appropriate to your agency.






Data Standards Committee Work

Watch for an update to the current National Data Set by Summer 2014.

Leading the charge, the NDS team is facilitating the work of CCR&R members of diverse organizations situated across the country. Their innovative utilization of data lends a lot of insight to this effort.


NDS Service Interruption: Friday, December 13, 2013

Please be advised that the power is being shut off to the entire building where Child Care Aware of America's office is located for electrical maintenance. This maintenance is scheduled for Friday, December 13, 2013 at 10 pm Eastern Time and will continue until 7 am on Saturday, December 14, 2013.

An Electrical Tighten Down is an industry-wide test that is performed roughly every three years. The purpose of the Tighten Down is to make sure that all the electrical components in the building are operating properly. The shut-down is estimated to take eight hours, in which there will be no power to the building.

We will provide any updates to this work as they are made available on the NDS Support Portal. Follow the thread here to receive updates via email.


Need Training?

  • New User Training on ALL the NDS Applications almost every month
  • Custom training webinar style by request

Have a new topic idea? We welcome new addition to our training catalog.


Welcome the new addition to our Help Desk: Katherine Dresser!


Please join us in welcoming the newest Help Desk representative, Katherine Dresser. Katherine has worked in the early education services arena since 2005. She started as a policy analyst at the state level responsible for drafting rules and procedures for implementing such services as universal prekindergarten, subsidized child care, and CCR&R. As a member of a state data quality unit, she was responsible for developing procedures, creating data quality reports, and providing technical assistance to data system users. Be sure to introduce yourself when you connect with her through the NDS Help Desk.

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