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Index NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 2: Summer 2013

 1      NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 1: Spring 2013
 1.1        NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 2: Summer 2013
 1.2        NDS Quarterly Newsletter: Volume 3 Fall 2013
 2      NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 4: Spring 2014
 3      KIDS MATTER App- Data Export Instructions
 4      Quality Indicators-Description and Access
 5      Child Care Online Webinar-Indiana's Child Care Programs
 6      Best Practices for Configuring Online Provider Services
 7      Quick Search Tips
 8      Best Practices for Configuring the Online Referral Module (ORM)
 9      Using NACCRRAware Standard Reports for Data Checking
 10       Database Merge
 11       Database Maintenance - Purging Old Records
 12       Quality Indicators Focus Group Expectations
 13       OPS Help Screens
 13.1         OPS Announcements
 13.1.1           OPS Announcement Overview
 13.1.2           Create a New OPS Announcement
 13.2         OPS Agency Attachments
 13.2.1           OPS Agency Attachment Overview
 13.2.2           Create a New OPS Agency Attachment
 13.3         OPS Field Configuration
 13.3.1           OPS Field Configuration Overview
 13.3.2           OPS Field Configuration - General Fields
 13.3.3           OPS Field Configuration - Provider Fields
 13.4         OPS Profile Configuration
 13.4.1           OPS Profile Configuration Overview
 13.4.2           OPS Profile Configuration - Profile Settings
 13.4.3           OPS Profile Configuration - Page Configuration
 13.4.4           OPS Profile Configuration - Section Settings
 13.4.5           OPS Profile Configuration - Profile Header and Footer
 13.4.6           OPS Profile Configuration - Previewing Your Profile(s)
 13.5         OPS Provider Profile Management
 13.5.1           OPS Provider Profile Management Overview
 13.5.2           OPS Provider Profile Management - Creating OPS Access for a Provider
 13.5.3           OPS Provider Profile Management - Viewing an Existing OPS Provider Record
 13.5.4           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Summary Screen
 13.5.5           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Attachments
 13.5.6           OPS Provider Profile Management - Questions and Answers
 13.5.7           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Update Log
 13.6         OPS Provider Change Review and Approval
 13.6.1           OPS Provider Change Review and Approval - Overview
 13.6.2           OPS Provider Change Review and Approval - Viewing and Managing Provider Changes
 14       Quality Indicators Overview
 15       OPS Profile Tool Tip and Profile Worksheet
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NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 2: Summer 2013



NACCRRA Data Services

Volume 2: Summer 2013

Farewell to Charlotte Pelz


We at Child Care Aware® of America congratulate Charlotte on her new position with the Scholarships and Incentives program in Georgia (similar to the T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship program). We are sure she will be an asset to their staff, bringing her experience and skills, as well as her easygoing personality. Charlotte will be greatly missed here, and by NDS Users she has assisted and trained over the past five years.

We all wish you the best in your new endeavor!

If you or a colleague is interested in joining the Help Desk Team, please follow this link to the job description and application process in our career center. http://www.usa.childcareaware.org/career-center


TTAM Upgrade

Version 2.5.3 Release Notes (July 27, 2013)

  • Users with TTAM Administrator access only are able to update the agency information form if prompted and save with their login password.
  • The Person Phone and Alt Phone fields allow the user to enter 8 characters as long as there are 7 digits (numeric characters).
  • The Person Phone and Alt Phone fields allow differently formatted phone numbers like "000-000-0000", "000.000.0000", "000 000 0000" or "0000000000" to match when a user is searching for the person’s record.

Version 2.5.2 Release Notes (July 13, 2013)

  • Users will be able to add Mass Action Logs to Trainers, Trainees and Practitioners.
  • Primary and Secondary Topic has been added along with Sub-Topics to TA Episodes.
  • Subject Type has been populated to correspond with Primary, Secondary and Sub-Topics.
  • Agency Administrators can customize and add additional Primary, Secondary and      Sub-Topics.
  • Web Services enhancements:
    • New fields to care facility search service.
    • New services for viewing and updating provider attributes
    • Added the Employment field to Training Registration Custom Query
    • A bug that prevented person record from properly appearing in the Early Care and Learning Employee List has been fixed.
    • A bug fix that prevented a person's attachment to be deleted has been fixed.


Online Referral Module (ORM) Version 3.0 Upgrades

ORM Version 3.0 was released July 12, 2013, and introduced several new features and enhancements:

    • Google Maps upgraded from Version 2 to Version 3
    • New layout introduced for Basic Results
    • Default style sheet upgraded with fonts, styles, and colors to update the Profile look and feel
    • Map size  increased to view  all providers as appropriate
    • New Google markers added to the maps
      • Client (i.e., Parent) address position is shown with green arrow marker
      • Info window for each provider marker added. Info window consists of:
        • Provider Business Name
        • Provider Type Of Care
        • Provider Address
        • Provider Phone


NEW Quality Indicators Module   

We need your feedback!

Child Care Aware® of America is asking for your feedback on the development of the Quality Indicators module, a new feature of NACCRRA Data Services.

The Office of Child Care (OCC) has asked that states begin to collect data about providers that would help parents understand what creates quality in a child care program. As a result, Child Care Aware® of America recently developed the Quality Indicators (QI) Module; a means for agencies to offer parents ways of determining levels of quality in the child care programs they encounter while searching for child care.

The QI Module is designed to give parents an idea of how one program compares to others based on a set of indicators that denote quality. Each profile includes 10-12 Indicators. The Quality Indicators are not supposed to be directly related to a state’s QRIS system since these systems tend to look at a care facility from a very provider centric perspective. Instead, the intent is to provide a generic set of indicators for all parents and families to use and to help parents in the decision making process when considering  child care programs.

The QI Module integrates with the existing suite of applications in NDS. There are currently three QI Profiles: Family Child Care, Child Care Center, and School Age Programs. A QI Profile is created in NACCRRAware as part of a provider’s record. The QI Profile can be used in conjunction with the Online Referral Module (ORM) so that parents can view the profile when looking for child care via the internet. Finally, providers can review and comment on their QI Profile via the Child Care Online (CCO)/Online Provider Services (OPS) Provider Portal.

To provide feedback for each profile’s indicators, as well as other comments about the design of this module, use the link below to complete the survey before August 30, 2013.




image           NDS Lunch & Learn Webinars 

All Webinars

Begin at Noon EST- 30 Minutes in Length - Require Registration

Watch for emails with detailed information

(Open Forums are one hour in length.)



September 5, 2013

Lunch & Learn: ORM What's New

September 26, 2013

Open Forum

October TBD

Accepting Suggestions From the Field and/or By the Field

November 7, 2013

Lunch & Learn: Quality Indicator Module

November 28, 2013

Open Forum



Data and Standards Advisory Work Group

Seeking Members

History of Current National Data Sets: Local Child Care Resource & Referral agencies and Child Care Aware® of America aspired to create a national data set to report on the supply and demand of early learning and school age programs, and eventually, to measure key quality indicators. Interest in such information had been building for decades as state R&R networks worked to build consensus locally, first on standardizing data elements, and then on state performance measures. As these tools came to fruition on the local level, ideas began to surface on ways to combine them to describe the national picture of the early learning and school age landscape.

At the same time, CCR&R’s across the country began to leverage technology as a way to improve local service delivery and share information. Continuing discussions at Child Care Aware® of America annual regional conferences on ways to combine data led to a national discussion. In 1997, with strong support from the R&R field, the Child Care Aware® of America Board of Directors began the design of a national data set. After much discussion in 2000, the initial set of standardized data fields was approved and is implemented through the NACCRRAware application program.

Child Care Aware® of America is looking to assemble a Data and Standards Committee to review current standards, as well as updating them to meet the landscape of today and into the future.  We are looking for CCR&R staff from all positions: training coordinators, community outreach, QRIS, mental health, nurse consultants, data specialists, parent counselors, recruitment specilists, technical assistance specialist, etc.  If you or a colleague is interested in joining this focus group please contact the NDS Helpdesk at 866-789-7590 or NDSHelpdesk@usa.childcareaware.org 


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