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 13.1.2           Create a New OPS Announcement
 13.2         OPS Agency Attachments
 13.2.1           OPS Agency Attachment Overview
 13.2.2           Create a New OPS Agency Attachment
 13.3         OPS Field Configuration
 13.3.1           OPS Field Configuration Overview
 13.3.2           OPS Field Configuration - General Fields
 13.3.3           OPS Field Configuration - Provider Fields
 13.4         OPS Profile Configuration
 13.4.1           OPS Profile Configuration Overview
 13.4.2           OPS Profile Configuration - Profile Settings
 13.4.3           OPS Profile Configuration - Page Configuration
 13.4.4           OPS Profile Configuration - Section Settings
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 13.5.3           OPS Provider Profile Management - Viewing an Existing OPS Provider Record
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 13.6         OPS Provider Change Review and Approval
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 13.6.2           OPS Provider Change Review and Approval - Viewing and Managing Provider Changes
 14       Quality Indicators Overview
 15       OPS Profile Tool Tip and Profile Worksheet
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OPS Profile Configuration - Page Configuration



Profiles - Page Configuration

(See "Profiles - Profile Settings")


Profiles and Page Configurations determine what fields and information Providers see in their OPS Provider Portal. In the Page Configuration section you create the pages and configure the fields your Providers will access to complete updates. Each Page Configuration will appear as menu item in the Provider OPS Portal. (See "How Profile Pages relate to the Provider Portal")



  • Pages are specific to Profiles. You can set up different Profiles containing different Pages of fields if needed.
  • .
  • You can configure up to 5 Pages.
    • Each Page can have as many Sections as needed (though we recommend no more than 5).

    • Each Section can display several Fields. (NOTE: If you need Shift information, you must configure Page 2.)

    • See "How Profile Pages relate to the Provider Portal"


Basic process for page configuration

  1. In the Profile List, select the Edit icon ()beside the Profile to open it in Edit mode, or click on Edit Settings on the Settings screen for the Profile.
  2. Select the page you would like to configure by clicking on the Page "x" Configuration button on the left. The page configuration screen opens. (Note: Click on the Edit Profile button at the bottom if you did not enter this section in Edit mode from the Profile List.)

  3. Page Configuration- In the first section, you configure the general information about the Page:
    • Page Status (Active or Inactive)
    • Page Header: Overall name of the Page - This becomes a navigation menu item in the OPS Provider Portal and should clearly state what is on the page. (General Program Information, Shift Information, etc.)
    • Page Detail Info: Overall description of the information that will be gathered in this section - This is internal and is only seen by CCR&R users.
    • Click on Save Page when you have completed the Page information
  4. Section Configuration: Configure Sections that will appear beneath that Page Name. (See "Profile Page Configuration - Sections")
    • There is no limit to the number of sections but we suggest no more than 5.
    • IMPORTANT! Save each section as you set it up or the information will be lost.
  5. Add or Delete Fields from a Section: Select and configure the fields that will appear in a section. (We recommend no more than 5 fields per section.)
  6. Add additional Sections as desired.
  7. Configure each additional Page as desired.


Page Example

(Note: This is only an example. You can configure your screens in whatever manner works best for your needs.)

You want to configure Page 1 for Providers to update the fields that are on the NACCRRAware General screen.


  1. Click on Page 1 Configuration
  2. Page Status: Active
  3. Name the Page Header "General Information."
  4. Page Detail Info: Enter, "This page will allow providers to update their contact information."
    (Note: this will not display on the Provider's screen)
  5. Click on Save Page. (A message will display at the top saying, "Profile Page Saved Successfully.")


See "Profile Page Configuration - Sections"



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