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Index Quality Indicators Focus Group Expectations
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 1      NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 1: Spring 2013
 1.1        NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 2: Summer 2013
 1.2        NDS Quarterly Newsletter: Volume 3 Fall 2013
 2      NDS Quarterly Newsletter Volume 4: Spring 2014
 3      KIDS MATTER App- Data Export Instructions
 4      Quality Indicators-Description and Access
 5      Child Care Online Webinar-Indiana's Child Care Programs
 6      Best Practices for Configuring Online Provider Services
 7      Quick Search Tips
 8      Best Practices for Configuring the Online Referral Module (ORM)
 9      Using NACCRRAware Standard Reports for Data Checking
 10       Database Merge
 11       Database Maintenance - Purging Old Records
 12       Quality Indicators Focus Group Expectations
 13       OPS Help Screens
 13.1         OPS Announcements
 13.1.1           OPS Announcement Overview
 13.1.2           Create a New OPS Announcement
 13.2         OPS Agency Attachments
 13.2.1           OPS Agency Attachment Overview
 13.2.2           Create a New OPS Agency Attachment
 13.3         OPS Field Configuration
 13.3.1           OPS Field Configuration Overview
 13.3.2           OPS Field Configuration - General Fields
 13.3.3           OPS Field Configuration - Provider Fields
 13.4         OPS Profile Configuration
 13.4.1           OPS Profile Configuration Overview
 13.4.2           OPS Profile Configuration - Profile Settings
 13.4.3           OPS Profile Configuration - Page Configuration
 13.4.4           OPS Profile Configuration - Section Settings
 13.4.5           OPS Profile Configuration - Profile Header and Footer
 13.4.6           OPS Profile Configuration - Previewing Your Profile(s)
 13.5         OPS Provider Profile Management
 13.5.1           OPS Provider Profile Management Overview
 13.5.2           OPS Provider Profile Management - Creating OPS Access for a Provider
 13.5.3           OPS Provider Profile Management - Viewing an Existing OPS Provider Record
 13.5.4           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Summary Screen
 13.5.5           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Attachments
 13.5.6           OPS Provider Profile Management - Questions and Answers
 13.5.7           OPS Provider Profile Management - Provider Update Log
 13.6         OPS Provider Change Review and Approval
 13.6.1           OPS Provider Change Review and Approval - Overview
 13.6.2           OPS Provider Change Review and Approval - Viewing and Managing Provider Changes
 14       Quality Indicators Overview
 15       OPS Profile Tool Tip and Profile Worksheet
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Quality Indicators Focus Group Expectations



The purpose of a Focus Group is to allow a small set of diverse agencies from across the country the opportunity to use the application with parents and providers and provide feedback to our development team. This helps us build a stronger application that is better aligned to the needs of the CCR&R field. To accomplish this goal participating focus group agencies are asked to do their best to meet these expectations:

  1. Understand that any work done during the pilot/testing phase is done in a testing environment. Upon completion of the pilot/testing phase all profiles created and data collected will NOT be transferred, copied or otherwise available to agencies in the production environment.
  2. While some initial training will be provided to agencies selected for the focus group, the supporting documentation will be under development during this time as well. Help Desk support will be available on an unlimited basis to focus group participants upon request.
  3. Devote enough time during the pilot/testing phase to actively work in the application. This could mean an initial commitment of at least 2-6 hours especially during the first few weeks.
  4. Select 5-10 providers to create a Quality Indicator profile.  We recommend that at least one Family Child Care, one Child Care Center, and one School Age Program QI Profile.
  5. Utilize the QI fields in 3-5 test searches in NACCRRAware, build 3-5 Custom Searches/Reports blending the QI fields with other NACCRRAware fields, and build at least one query using QI fields for each Provider Standard report.
  6. Share the profile with 3-5 trusted providers via the OPS/CCO Provider portal (if applicable for your agency).  Obtain feedback from those providers about the fields in the profile and the QI Profile Comment Process.
  7. Share QI information with 3-5 parents in your community.  This may involve building a test ORM profile that includes the providers’ QI profile information and/or including QI Profile Data on a Provider Profile/Provider Summary Report.  Obtain feedback from the parents about the format and usefulness about the information on the QI profile and how it would impact a parent’s decision making process when selecting child care.
  8. Be available for brief check-in meetings several times during the pilot/testing phase. These meetings will allow the development team the opportunity to showcase updates and also to share pertinent information. These meetings may be done via email or conference calls lasting no more than 30 minutes.
  9. Assist with the development of a Best Practices document that will be distributed to CCR&Rs that begin using Child Care Online following the pilot phase.

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