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What is NACCRRA Data Services? Child Care Online (CCO) Focus… “Live” from Indiana!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012, 5:07:08 PM

Hello, my name is Jen Bump. I am the Director of CCR&R Quality Assurance at IACCRR, the Indiana Association for Child Care Resource and Referral.  

We are in the midst of preparing for a new contract year in Indiana and time is a precious resource here, just as I know it is for you back in your states. That said, I am happy to spread the word about Child Care Online because it is about to change the way parents search for and select child care.

Your exposure to Child Care Online may be limited or it may be vast, depending on your CCR&R role. For the benefit of everyone, I want to share a dose of the past, present, and future. My first post will simply introduce you to Child Care Online. In subsequent posts I’ll share the work we’ve done here in Indiana and hopefully make a case for introducing Child Care Online in your state.

First things first - Before Child Care Online launched nationwide in 2011, it had close to a decade of exposure. Developed by the U.S. Army, Army Family Child Care Online was developed in early 2000s to raise awareness about the quality child care and professionalism available by the Army’s family child care programs on military installations. The product was exclusively for Army family child care providers as a marketing tool. Many military families knew about the quality of care available at center based child care, but family child care did not enjoy the same perception, even though Army FCC providers were required to meet some of the highest standards for quality in the country. Army FCC Online aimed to change those perceptions.

In 2008, the U.S. Army and NACCRRA partnered to make the product available to CCR&Rs and providers participating in Army Child Care in Your Neighborhood, a project designed to increase the quality of child care in civilian communities outside the gates of U.S. Army installations. At this time, I was fortunate to be a NACCRRA staffer and even more fortunate to work with the NACCRRA teams, CCR&Rs, and Army members who contributed to the adaptation of Army FCC Online into what is now simply called Child Care Online.

Between 2008 and 2010, NACCRRA continued to make enhancements to Child Care Online while enlisting the help of several states to offer feedback, guidance, and testing. Indiana was one of four states (North Dakota, Tennessee, Colorado, Indiana) to participate. In the fall of 2011, we were ready to make a case for Child Care Online’s statewide launch with Paths to Quality, our QRIS.

Before introducing Indiana’s implementation steps, you need to be familiar with the product that is available to all states today.

The current version of Child Care Online has the following features:

  • Providers (Homes and Centers) create a virtual tour of their child care program, including pictures, text, and audio
  • Provider Profiles are accessed when families use the Online Referral Module (ORM) and the Internet Mask Module (IMM) on the CCR&R website to search for child care

There are two sections of Child Care Online:

Public Section

Private Section

  • Designed for parents
  • Viewed on public CCR&R websites as a component of the IMM/ORM
  • Includes provider pictures, text, audio, QRIS Level, facility ID, and contact information
  • Parents are able to save Provider Profiles to view at a later date 
  • Password protected site for providers to build their Provider Profile
  • Allows private communication between the child care provider and the CCR&R staff
  • Providers can access resources posted by CCR&Rs









Profiles are slightly different based on type of care. Child care center profiles include a Director area and Staff area. Family child care profiles have a Provider area and a Family and Others in the Home area instead.

Areas with an asterisk (*) indicate that a picture and text are required. Areas without an asterisk (*) indicate the area category has a text area only.

 Child Care Centers

Family Child Care Homes

  • Program Profile
  • Director Profile*
  • Staff*
  • Indoor Setting*
  • Outdoor Setting*
  • Meals and Snacks*
  • Rest Times*
  • Fees
  • Yearly Schedule and Hours of operation
  • Special Services


  • Program Profile
  • Provider Profile*
  • Family and Others in Home*
  • Indoor Setting*
  • Outdoor Setting*
  • Meals and Snacks*
  • Rest Times*
  • Fees
  • Yearly Schedule and Hours of Operation
  • Special Services


Child Care Online is an easy-to-use child care search tool for families.

  • Increases families' understanding of the quality and professionalism offered by Paths to Quality Programs
  • Saves time by helping families narrow their choices prior to scheduling interviews and visits with child care programs
  • Link families to additional child care search tools, such as consumer education materials and access to Child Care Referral Specialists
  • Looks and works like similar online search tools used to find everyday products and services 

Child Care Online is a management and marketing tool designed to increase public awareness of the quality of care offered by select child care programs. 

  • Can be used to recognize specific programs that have achieved higher levels of quality or can be made available to all child care programs
  • Offers opportunities for providers to showcase their quality and professionalism
  • Allows programs to publish up-to-date information about various program aspects, such as qualifications of staff, environmental features, schedule, fees and QRIS level
  • Increase family referral to higher quality child care programs 
  • Establishes a new way for child care programs to communicate with their CCR&R for professional support

Here is a sample Child Care Online Provider Profile. Contact information, quality rating level, and regulation ID are automatically pulled from the facility's NACCRRAware record.


My next post will focus on Indiana's implementation of Child Care Online from October 2011 to present. I'd love to field questions yuo have so far about Child Care Online basics as well- email jbump@iaccrr.org