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What is in NACCRRA Data Services (NDS)?

Thursday, July 05, 2012, 2:29:36 PM

Welcome to our NACCRRA Data Services Blog!

The NDS Team is really excited to launch this platform. This blog will give us the opportunity to cover different topics related to our products and services. If you have a topic of interest, please share with us by posting comments.

Our first topic for our blog covers what is in NACCRRA Data Services (NDS) today. We get this question a lot as our products and services have evolved over time from a single program, NACCRRAware, to a set of applications and services contained in our suite. Many agencies have adopted modules we have added as recently as last year such as Online Provider Services (OPS). We hope that your comments and overall interest will spark lively discussions in the future. Without further ado, here is a high level overview of our products:  

NACCRRAware Related

NACCRRAware (NW) – Generates child care referrals and reports, and manages provider, client and community data           

Online Referral Module (replaces the Internet Mask Module (IMM)) – A new Online Referral Module giving agencies more flexibility with configuring fields, including an option to translate the online referral into other languages.

Online Provider Services (OPS) – Allows providers to review and update their NACCRRAware data online. This application also allows agencies to upload files, forms, training calendars, and other pertinent information for providers to access online. 

Child Care Online (CCO) – Provides a "virtual" tour of child care programs, complete with pictures and descriptions, to help customers learn more about a particular child care provider.

Quality Indicators (QI) – Provides an easy to understand profile to parents to highlight and outline the quality areas of a care facility.

Kids Matter App – Provides data export for the iPhone application.

Training Tracking and Technical Assistance Management

Training Tracking (TT) – Manages, tracks, and reports on community-based trainings for child care providers.

Training Portal – For Trainers/Trainees - Provides early care and learning professionals web based access to their records.

Online Training Calendar (OTC) – Provides, via TTAM, the ability to create local, regional and statewide training calendars and allow training participants to register for trainings online.

In Development:

Credit Card Processing– Training participants can register for trainings via TTAM’s Online Training Calendar and pay for the training online via Credit Card.

Child Care Aware Training Academy™ to TTAM Transfers – Data integration between Child Care Aware Training Academy™ and TT Datasets.

Technical Assistance Management (TA) – Manages, tracks, and reports on technical assistance, mentoring, and coaching of child care providers.

Training Registry (TR) – Tracks the demographics, education, employment background, and training history of early care and learning professionals and identify and record their advancement through the various early care and learning professional’s registry levels.

Practitioner Portal - Specific to Alaska Training Registry. Provides early care and learning professionals web based access to their records.

You can also download a PDF version of this information click here.

In addition, we provide a set of services including areas such as:

  • Custom Development – we work with individual agencies and State Networks to development additional functionality in our NDS systems to support their ongoing operations and data needs at a cost.
  • Data Sharing of NDS dataset via Data Exports, Data Replication Services, Web services for Data Exchange – we provide a range of different methods to exchange and share data from NDS.
  • Custom Reporting – standard and ad hoc reporting via a web-based portal which includes report management and scheduling services using Crystal Report
  • Consulting Services for Technical Assistance
  • Trainings – Online and Onsite
  • Help Desk/Technical Support - Free Basic Support and Advanced Support (at a cost)

Check back next week as we talk about the newest released applications – Online Referral Module and the Online Provider Services Module.

For more information about NACCRRA’s Suite of Data Services and how this new service can advance your CCR&R, contact the Data Services Help Desk at 1-866-789-7590 or ndshelpdesk@naccrra.org.  The NACCRRA Data Services Help Desk is open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern, Monday through Friday.